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Artist's Statement

My eyes are like the viewfinder of a camera always looking for the next moment to freeze in time, to remember, and then explore. For this reason I have chosen various mediums for creative expression. The diversity of mediums allows a exploration and sparks curiosity to rise up. My inspiration is the magic of my world both real and imagined, current and past. My challenge is to offer chaos, create order and ultimately settle in a place of intuitive elegance.

Each work is a vehicle I use to organize my thoughts, surroundings and emotions on paper. I often use what I have previously created watercolor paintings, photographs, and mono prints and then alter and manipulate. These changed elements allow me to discover new possibilities. I reinvent and reimagine my previous works into a new whole, allowing new relationships and gestures to be discovered between colors, textures and shapes.

I seek to create a new order whether accidental or intentional. My work is executed in solitude. Where possibilities abound and opportunities to connect with the viewer emerge.

The works ultimately represent experiments in order and chance. The process becomes a metaphor for the manner in which I live in the world.


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